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A Good Wife

Featured in Raconteur’s inaugural issue, A Good Wife centres around the theme of good and evil and the depths of human emotion.

Driving down a winding road by night, a young couple are involved in a car accident, striking and killing a passerby. Mary, the wife, wants to call the police. Her husband, however, has a different plan.

February 2019

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Appearing among nine other tales, Fireborn was featured in Aphotic Realm’s first Dark Fantasy anthology: Grimdark Grimoires.

A wanted boy with hidden powers. A father trying to smuggle him to safety. And powerful the forces working against them.

September 2018

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The Trials of Man

Originally published in online (Aphotic Realm -November 2017), The Trials of Man was later anthologized by popular demand in May 2018 and was reprinted as a feature in Aphotic Realm’s Best-Of-2017 collection: "Tales From the Realm Vol. 1."

The story follows a primitive culture's coming-of-age ritual, and a timid boy's journey to manhood.

November 2017, Anthologized May 2018

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The Blue Vial

Featured in the debut issue of Aphotic Realm Magazine's Apparitions, The Blue Vial presents readers with a difficult decision: If you could live forever, would you do it?

The story focuses on a mother with a terminal illness, presented with the difficult choice of eternal life or instant death.

July 2017

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The Box

Originally published in Storyteller Magazine’s fourth issue (Vol 1. No. 4), The Box takes a different twist on virtual reality.

In a desperate ploy to be reunited with his recently-deceased wife, a man goes to extreme measures, risking his own sanity and life.

June 2017

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The Death of Thomas Reines

Featured in Heater Magazine Vol 10. No. 4, The Death of Thomas Reines starts off with a bang. Literally.

Thomas, the son of a steelworks tycoon, is found dead in the south of France. Yet, nobody even realizes he has died. There is no investigation launched, no questions asked.

November 2016

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The Trickster God

Featured in New Realm Magazine Vol 10. No. 4, The Trickster God is a fantasy story playing on tropes commonly found in Norse mythology.

The Trickster God is mocked among the gods for his impure nature. The biggest culprits - his natural-born brothers, who pride themselves on their purity. When games among scorn brothers go awry, the Trickster God plots to take revenge in a cruel jest against his brother.

August 2016

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This short story was featured in Solstice Publishing's Summer Solstice Imprint. It is a contemporary story dealing with family and travel.

Daniel lives a happy and quiet life alone, consumed by his work and his daily routine. But when a family emergency strikes, he is forced to return to his hometown, where he is there that he is confronted with a haunting memory of the past.

July 2016

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This dystopian novella was Tevis’s first publication, released in August 2015 by Solstice Publishing. The story follows Ohm, a mentally disturbed member of the lower working class of a structured future society as he stumbles upon a secret loyalist terrorist organization dedicated to overthrowing the ruling regime.

August 2015

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