Free Stories

That's right. Free. Well, not totally.

I've never written a single story with money in mind. I write to escape, to entertain and discover myself in the process. With that said, do I hope a story will make money? Sure do! 

 At the end of the day, I can hope all I want, but it's not just on me. A king needs subjects, a God believers, a knight needs a sword, and a story - well, all a story really needs is a reader.

So i'll post some stories for you to check out. Not feeling them? No problem! But if you find yourself entranced in a new world, captivated with a new character or monster, make sure to speak up. Comment, subscribe, follow me on Twitter, hit me up with a message! If readers like the stories, I'll post more and more of them.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

The Trials of Man is a fantasy story with the theme of banishment. It follows a young prince undergoing a rite of passage from boyhood into adulthood, in which he must hunt an animal for his tribe. Though, not everything is as simple as it seems. The story was written in September 2017, and is available for free here: 


The Death of Thomas Reines was published by Heater Magazine in November 2016. It is among by first publications, and I'm happy to include it on the site for you to read absolutely free! The story is a contemporary thriller following two friends, one dirt-poor and the other filthy-rich. Thomas Reines, the son of a billionaire Steelworks Tycoon, dies. Yet, nobody even knows he's dead.