Short Stories 2017

In January 2017, I set out to write twenty short stories. Below, I have written out the blurbs of the short stories I wrote this year. Some were bad and others good, but the main takeaway for me was that ideas are cheap. Execution is everything. And you can't write 52 bad stories in a row. Thanks Ray.

The Red Vial

A boy is born with an ability that makes every one of his wishes come true. Every wish cuts his life span by half.



Two scientist travel back in time hoping to uncover the origins of god, and in the process are greeted by ancient societies as the world's first gods.

The Blue Vial

(Published in Aphotic Realm Apparitions)

On her deathbed a woman gets a proposal to live forever. But it comes with a twist . . .

The Fifth Sense

On an island where everyone is blind, a girl is born with sight.


When his wife dies, a man plants her ashes in the ground, scatters them to the wind in hopes of being reunited.


A man in a cafe sees a girl who he likes and imagines how his life would've been different if he went up to talk to her.


A boy is in an accident, miraculously saved by a stranger. The boy realizes he and the man share an identical scar.

The Artist

A man comes to get his portrait done and in the intimacy of the artist's studio confesses to having committed murder.

The Dinner Party

Seven people are invited to a dinner party. There's a bomb and a loaded gun strapped under the table. Only two may leave alive, or else the bomb will explode, killing all seven.

The Execution

A thief sentenced to die is saved by divine intervention. Just when he thinks himself invincible, the mob takes matters into their own hands.

Solomon's Secret

A king on his deathbed shares the location of a secret treasure with his knights. Though not all knights can be trusted.

The Box

(Published in Storyteller Magazine)

A man desperate to be reunited with his recently-deceased wife partakes in an experimental video game simulation, a virtual dream. A dream convincing enough to pass for reality.


A man finds himself in Purgatory, a long single-file line to enter Heaven. There, he meets and reconciles with his estranged brother.


(Converted into my NaNoWriMo novel for 2017)

A man undergoes an operation making him part-bionic. In the future, this is normal. What is abnormal is how his bionic half begins to reject his organic half.

The Fourteenth

Thirteen innocent girls have been accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. She is the fourteenth.

The Trials of Man

A prince's trial has begun. He is forced to hunt for his food, and only upon his return home realizes how foolish his mission had been


A blacksmith's son is born with mysterious power over the elements. It is not until some bullies turn up dead, citizens began pointing fingers.

The Locket

After the war is won, a frail old king receives a golden locket as tribute from his vanquished foe. A locket with the power to see the future. Except, the future does not look good for the king.

“Write a short story every week. It's not possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row.”

-Ray Bradbury

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