National Novel Writing Month 2017

For those new to Nano, let me explain a little bit about it.

National Novel Writing Month is an annual, Internet-based creative writing project that takes place during the month of November. Participants attempt to write a 50,000 word manuscript between November 1 and November 30. NaNoWriMo focuses on the length of a work rather than the quality, encouraging writers to finish their first draft so that it can later be edited at the author's discretion. (Wikipedia)

Below, I am posting my progress on this year's NaNoWriMo goals I have set upon myself. I'm also talking a little bit about the project I am working on.

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National Novel Writing Month 2017

This Nano, I wanted to start off with a bang. I was just handing out my fourth novel to beta readers and wanted to start fresh on a new genre. So far, I have been keeping ahead of the curve, trying to work out the kinks in the novel still. Hoping to keep strong in the third and fourth week of November. I will update the page with progress, but feel free to add me as a friend here

The Virus

The Virus is a dystopian novel to the tune of Blade Runner meets Hannibal. It is the first novel in a planned series.

In a world where nearly all humans are reborn, implanted with bionic organs, a millionaire prisoner serving a life sentence creates the Virus--a weapon with the ability to shutdown all bionic organs, and with it, modern society.

 And the world's only hope? An aging detective on the brink of retirement, who is questioning the merits of the augmented, bionically enhanced society himself.

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Just Crossing the Finish Line Nov. 28th

So by now, other Wri-mos are either finishing up their 50k, have accepted defeat somewhere between 15-25K or are in the middle desperate struggling to write for the next two days straight in hopes of pulling a miracle.

I'm in the former category, almost finished. So far i'm closing in on 46k, hoping to finish by tomorrow. I'll post the daily chart when I'm finished, but as of right now it's looking solid.

What i've found: A lot of the stuff you force yourself to write is going to be word-vomit. I've found the more I forced myself to spit out words, the more I felt the quality slipping away, worsening.

On the flip-side of that, I've found myself being more and more invested in the story, and the world, and characters with every passing page. I understand that it'll take at least another rewrite or two (or 5) before it's ready for editing. But, when considering I had nothing more than a base concept on Oct 31st, this trial run had been helpful, to teach the story to myself if nothing else.

With that said, this is the first novel I've ever written with series potential. I set out the story knowing I wanted the villain to win in this one. I was bored of the good guys always winning in the end, and wanted them-for once- to lose. The book follows three different character perspectives, each one crossing over with the next. That's been something helping me out a little, because the chapters essentially move in threes. For character A, I write an extensive chapter, and then make notes for what his next chapter will be like before moving on the character B and C. This way, the book is always fun to me, and the characters are alive. 50,000 words will not be enough to cover the book start to finish (thinking more around 80k), but it's sure to be a good start.


Post NaNoWriMo & More (Dec. 3rd. 2017)

So, you've reached 50,000 words. Now what? Hopefully, keep up with this pace. In the few days since November, I've added 2000 words, and will be looking to add another 15,000 for the first draft. But putting words on a page and developing scenes and characters in my mind happen simultaneously.


What does that mean? It means around January, I'll pull this novel out again, knowing the ending and complex backstories to the characters, their reasons etc, and I will rewrite the story. My books get built in phases, where the first draft is always 60-70% of the second draft. I always add to my new rewrites. Then, when editing starts, I cut fluff.


I'm hoping for the novel to come out around 80k when it's finished. And don't forget-- this novel is the one with series potential written all over it. As I'm writing the final chapters, I find myself making notes and connections about book two and what could happen. I will make sure to post a new update mid-late December to update you on the progress of the book.


This page may have started on a NaNoWriMo project, but I definitely intend on posting regular updates on the status of the project long after Nano is done with. Should I send this book out for edits, or betas, or to agents . . . should I get an offer to publish etc-- I think this information may be interesting to see about the process of getting something through the ladder of the bright electronic glow of your scrivener page, to the crisp 'new-book' smell in your hands. Let's see how that goes-- For now, I have to finish the 15k and query Sails-- The pirate novel. After that, we can talk about Virus.


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