This page will feature short stories, personal goals and blog posts, as well as free content.

Short Stories 2017

In January 2017, I was spurred by a Ray Bradbury quote and a desire to hone my skills in short fiction. Bradbury suggested a writer compose 52 short stories a year, one per week. I set out for twenty by year's end.  *Currently at 18*

In the short stories 2017 category, (dropdown menu for the activity page or link here) I have written out little single-sentence blurbs for the stories I composed this year.

Some were bad, outright horrendous actually. Some were badly written, and others had poorly thought-out ideas. Others were good, better than I had expected them to be. The main takeaway from this project for me was that ideas are cheap and frequent. The tragedy for writers should not be a lack of ideas, but rather such an abundance that they cannot find the time to flesh them all out. Execution is everything.

And you can't write 52 bad stories in a row. I know because I tried.

Thanks Ray.

National Novel Writing Month

This year, I am writing a novel called The Virus. It is a dystopian novel to the tune of Blade Runner meets Hannibal, with series potential in mind.

You can find about the novel on the NaNo page here. 

If there is interest (and please let me know via Twitter, responding below, or emailing me) I can post some of the chapters in the free stories section of the website.

Writing Resources

I've been writing for several years now, and when I'm not writing or editing, I'm finding ways to improve my craft. When I find interesting links to articles online, when I read great books on writing/exposition, when I meet great people who teach me new things-- I include that information in the Writing Resources section, so it may help other aspiring writers.