About Me

Tevis Shkodra was born in Elbasan, Albania in 1994. He began writing in early 2015 and hasn't stopped since. He has been published in several fantasy, contemporary, and mystery magazines. His full bibliography can be found here.


In 2017, Tevis has written around 180,000 words, and aims to get 200,000 by year's end. Here's how it's split.

17 completed short stories totalling 60,000 words. (see here)

One NaNoWriMo novel (see here), up to 55,000 so far.

One finished novel out to Beta Readers totalling 65,000 words.

  • Red Sails, Black Sails is a coming of age novel with soft fantasy elements. It focuses on Ralph Wallaby, a youth who sets out seeking life of adventure following his father's sudden death. Life at sea is going well for Ralph, until he sees black sails approaching on the horizon.