2017 Writing Goals

A good habit to get into is keeping a journal. Mine is filled with doodles, quotes I really like, sketches, and story ideas. Anything that draws my attention is jotted down. One thing all my journals have in common is a list of writing goals for each corresponding year. This is my (updated) 2017 list. 

We did it! We met our goals this year


Write 100,000 words

Every year, I'm finding I write more and more. This year started off weird, and ended very strong! Here's how it ended up being broken down.

Total words written (in 2017) :  200,520


  • Red Sails, Black Sails (63,659)
  • Virus: The Reckoning (56,232) (Unfinished)

Short Stories

  • 20 short stories (60,941 total words)

Commissions (Ghostwriting serialized chapters)

  • 5 chapters (14,579 total words)

Abandoned Projects

  • 9 abandoned short stories (5109 words)


Read 10 Books

I had never gotten truly into reading as a kid. I was more of a video games type of youth -  and come to think of it, much of the story-building and character building aspects came from video game characters. But, with the love of writing came the love (tough love) of reading. In 2016 it was about 8 or so books, so 2017, I set the task of 10 books. I'll highlight my favourites in red.

Total books read (in 2017) :  19

  1. The Old Man and the Sea -                                 Ernest Hemingway
  2. Zen in the Art of Writing -                                    Ray Bradbury
  3. Siddhartha -                                                          Hermann Hesse
  4. The Stranger -                                                       Albert Camus
  5. The Starfish and the Spider -          Ori Brattman & Rod Beckstrom
  6.  The Wind in the Willows -                                  Kenneth Graham
  7. Heart of Darkness -                                              Joseph Conrad
  8. Steppenwolf -                                                       Hermann Hesse
  9. Manuscript Found in Accra -                              Paulo Coelho
  10. The Fifth Moutain -                                              Paulo Coelho
  11. The DaVinci Code -                                              Dan Brown
  12. Ender's Game -                                                    Orson Scott Card
  13. Illusions -                                                              Richard Bach
  14. Narcissus and Goldmund -                                Hermann Hesse
  15. Lolita -                                                                   Vladimir Nabokov
  16. Sapiens -                                                               Yuval Noah Harari
  17. A Storm of Swords -                                            George R.R. Martin
  18. A Feast For Crows -                                             George R.R. Martin
  19. The Glass Castle -                                                Jeanette Walls

Publish 30 short stories

Okay, this one we didn't succeed in this year. It was a big undertaking. My main takeaway from this was not the writing itself - as you can probably see from the above goal, we crushed in sheer writing capabilities. No, for me it was the ideas themselves that I found lacking. I am doing better with regards to jotting down interesting ideas that get my gears going, but definitely lowering the expectations of this goal come 2018.

You can check out the full list of short stories written in 2017 here

Publish 3 Short Stories

In 2016, I published 3 short stories. I wanted to repeat that success in 2017. You can check a list of my full publications here

In terms of this goal, I was able to publish 3 stories in 2017. They are,

  1. The Blue Vial (Aphotic Realm)
  2. The Box (Storyteller)
  3. The Trials of Man (Aphotic Realm)